How to Ensure Your Windows Don't Affect Your AC Efficiency

Your air conditioner's energy efficiency depends on so many things, even your windows have a role to play. From the design to placement and material, different aspects of your window can affect the AC's energy efficiency. Therefore, keep these things in mind to ensure that your windows don't make your AC energy inefficient:

Install Energy Efficient Windows

If your windows aren't energy efficient, then they are probably letting unconditioned air into your home and also letting heat pass through them. Both of those things can affect your AC's efficiency because it will need to work harder than usual to cool the extra air. Heat passing through your windows also heats up your rooms and gives your AC more work to do.

Installing energy efficient windows will stop that from happening. These windows block most of the heat from the sun and also fit tight enough to prevent loss of conditioned air.

Keep the Windows Covered

Exposed windows are also bad for your AC because they allow sunlight to beam through them and heat up your house's interior. The heat then gets trapped in the house, giving your AC extra work to do. Therefore, keep your windows covered using suitable coverings such as blinds and curtains whenever the AC is running.

Keep the Windows Closed When the AC is Running

Leaving the windows open is worse than using inefficient windows. Open windows allow conditioned air to escape and also allows unconditioned air to enter the house. The net effect is that your AC has to run for a longer time (thus using more energy) to keep your house comfortable.

Therefore, keep the windows closed as long as the AC is running. If you want to use the cooling effect of the windows, then turn off the AC so that it doesn't handle unnecessary air. This is especially helpful if the windows are on opposite sides of the room, which means the air can enter through one side and exit through the other one.

Don't Put Windows and Thermostat Near Each Other

Lastly, it's a bad idea to put a window and thermostat next to each other. Such a placement may make sunlight to fall directly on your thermostat. This means the thermostat will not be detecting the true temperature of the room, and your AC may be running even when the temperature is comfortable. Place the AC where it won't be affected by outside temperature, for example, in an interior wall.

To learn more about increasing your AC efficiency, you can contact local HVAC installation companies.