Have Your Furnace Cleaned To Prevent Malfunctions And High Power Bills

It's a beneficial practice to have your furnace cleaned before the weather turns cold and you have to start using the heat every day. Cleaning plays an important role in how well your furnace works, and a clean furnace is less likely to break down. Here's why a dirty furnace is harmful and what can be done to keep it clean and in good repair.

Why You Don't Want A Dirty Furnace

Your furnace needs proper airflow through it to operate efficiently and safely. The big problem with being lax about having your furnace cleaned is that dust can build up inside it. The dust restricts airflow, and that can cause your furnace to overheat and shut down to protect itself. Your furnace may need to run for longer periods of time to maintain the desired temperature in your home and that can lead to higher power bills. The consequences of a dirty furnace can be serious and costly, but they can be avoided by having the furnace cleaned before winter arrives.

How To Maintain Your Furnace Properly

Have your furnace cleaned and serviced every year so it is always ready for the heating season. This involves a service call from a furnace or HVAC technician so preventative maintenance can be done at the same time as the cleaning. The filter is an important part of the furnace that might seem insignificant, but a dirty filter can cause all kinds of problems, and it could even lead to furnace damage and the need for repairs. The technician can change the filter when cleaning the furnace, but you should also change it yourself throughout the winter on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer or when it looks dusty.

Besides the filter, the blower is another important part that needs to be cleaned so there are no dust clogs in it. The blower also has a motor that should be cleaned and serviced so it is in good shape for another year of work. The entire furnace can be vacuumed inside using a tube attachment, so all tiny bits of debris are removed to keep them from being blown into the filter or interfering with the ignition. The technician may need to use special brushes to scrub grime off the blower blades, and compressed air to clean some parts that shouldn't be touched.

A thorough cleaning requires that parts of the furnace be dismantled, and this makes the perfect time to check for things like a worn belt and to add lubrication where needed. An annual, thorough cleaning is well worth the trouble and expense because it can save money in the long term. Your furnace will operate more efficiently and it will have a longer life if you keep it clean and well maintained.

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