Improper Maintenance Techniques to Avoid with Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Regular homeowners have a lot to contend with where their HVAC system is concerned, but as a commercial business owner, your system or systems can be massively sized and even more demanding of proper maintenance attention. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners make costly maintenance mistakes that could be avoided because they compromise the lifespan of their AC system. 

Trusting a Regular Residential HVAC Technician without Commercial Knowledge

When you have a commercial AC or HVAC system, you can't just rely on any HVAC contractor for help; you truly do need someone with the skills and knowledge to maintain the larger system. A commercial system is much more complex than a residential unit. Trusting the wrong technician for help with maintenance and repairs can lead to problems that you could otherwise avoid. In some cases, you may have to have a true commercial expert come in and redo what has been done by someone who did not have enough experience. 

Trying to Attempt Repairs on Your Own without Professional Assistance

Every AC unit will eventually need some repair work to keep it going, especially the larger models that have more parts and components and more areas where something could go wrong. If you notice a problem with your AC, it is best to not attempt repairs on your own at all. Any slightest misjudgment can cost you a lot of money in repairs. For example, some commercial models rely on heavy-duty circuit panels to keep the unit powered. These circuit panels can be easily replaced by a professional, but trying to attempt a replacement on your own could cause further electrical problems. 

Reconfiguring Ductwork without Guidance from a Commercial HVAC Professional

If you have a forced-air system in your building, which comes along with ductwork, it is important to never alter the ductwork without professional guidance. These ductwork systems are specifically configured and installed to carry the air appropriately throughout the building. A single change can completely change the route of air flow and create areas that have no cooling. Make sure you bring in a pro if you plan to make even a small change to the ducts. 

Overall, keeping your commercial building cool and comfortable is always going to be a top concern as a business owner, so proper professional attention to your HVAC system is highly important. Contact professional commercial air conditioning maintenance services for more information.