How Climate And Space Play Into Getting A New Air Conditioner

There are many factors that go into selecting a new air conditioner for your home. Since this appliance plays such a crucial role in making your home comfortable, you want to make a good choice on an appliance that can last well over a decade. Here is what to consider when thinking about your home's climate and the space it's going into.

Climate Considerations

Many people assume that a hot climate will require a more powerful air conditioner. While the climate does play a role in your air conditioner needs, you will want to look at the average low temperatures as well. The lows and highs essentially play off each other to determine how much you need to rely on your home's air conditioner. If the temperature drops quite a bit, you can fall back on using windows to cool down your home instead of an air conditioner. When the lows do not vary much from the highs, you'll be using the air conditioner a lot more. Look into a unit that is more energy efficient, since you'll be running your air conditioner a lot to compensate for the heat.

Humidity also plays a big role as well, which can be evaluated by using the dew point. If there is a high average dew point, you need an air conditioner powerful enough to frequently remove the moisture from the air. A climate with a low dew point is not going to deal with that much humidity.

Space Considerations

Think about what spaces you want to cool down and what kind of unit you'll need. An in-wall unit is not always a bad choice when you have one room in your home that you are looking to cool down. You may be fine with temperatures in the home during the day but just want comfort in the bedroom when trying to sleep.

However, a central air conditioning system will work better when you want to make changes to the temperature throughout your entire home. It will more effectively be able to reduce the humidity, which isn't possible when you have a lone window unit doing all the work. While there is a higher upfront cost with the installation, which may involve ductwork if you do not have an existing forced air furnace, it may be well worth it in terms of the provided comfort.

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