Has Your AC Sprung A Leak? How To Identify The Source Of The Problem

Warm temperatures have finally arrived. If you're like many people, you've already turned your air conditioner on. If you didn't have your AC serviced last summer, you might be noticing some problems right now. One of those problems could involve leaks. Unfortunately, a leaky air conditioner can cause a variety of troubles for your home. Those troubles can include mold and odors. If your air conditioner has a leak, you need to call for repairs right away. Here are some of the reasons your air conditioner might have sprung a leak. 

Drain System Troubles

When you think of your air conditioner, drainage might not come to your mind. But your air conditioner has a complex drainage system. Two components of the drainage system include the condensate line and drainage pan. The condensate line moves moisture through to the drain pan. If these components aren't working right, you may see leaks. Two causes for leaks include clogged condensate lines and cracked drain pans. If your air conditioner leaks, have the drain system inspected right away. 

Pump Problems

If your air conditioner has a new leak, check the pump. Air conditioners have a pump that removes water from the drain pan. Removal of the water prevents overflows and runoff. If the pump doesn't work right, the drain pan overflows. When that happens, your air conditioner leaks. Pump problems can be due to a couple of things. First, your pump may have a clogged line. Second, your pump may have overheated. Before you call for repairs, check the pump. If there's a clog in the line, clean it out. If the line is clear, you need to call for repairs. 

Problems With the Installation

If your new air conditioner has a leak, there may be a problem with the installation. If your air conditioner wasn't installed right, there's an increased risk for leaks. If your air conditioner wasn't installed on a concrete pad, it might not be level. Leaks can also happen when the air conditioner isn't pressurized the right way. Too much pressure inside the system leads to leaks. If that's the case, you need to call for repairs as soon as possible. 

Lack of Airflow

If you have water leaking from your air conditioning unit, check the airflow. Lack of airflow increases the buildup of condensation. When that happens, your air conditioner leaks. Replace the filter and see if that resolves the issue. If your air conditioner continues to leak, call an air conditioning repair technician right away. There may be an airflow problem in the ducts.