Why Should You Replace Your Home's AC If It Still Works?

You have an HVAC technician come to your home for a thorough assessment of your air conditioning system, and they recommend that you get the system replaced. If your air conditioner is still cooling the house, you may be curious as to why a technician would make this professional recommendation. In all truth, there can be a lot of reasons why a skilled technician may recommend that you opt for air conditioning replacement. Yes, AC replacement can be one of the more costly investments in your home, but it can be the one change that makes the biggest difference. Take a look at a few reasons why you might consider AC replacement even if it seems to be still working. 

You could have an old system with refrigerant problems. 

The Environmental Protection Agency began a phaseout of certain types of refrigerant several years ago, with the final stages of that phaseout happening in 2020. R-22, which is one of the most common refrigerants used in home cooling systems, is a part of that phaseout. It is not illegal to have a system that utilizes R-22, but if your system is continuously leaking refrigerant, it can make it harder to service your equipment. Therefore, an HVAC technician may recommend that you consider a replacement. 

You may have a system that is using far too much power to operate.

Have you had a lot of issues with high power bills? If so, this could be a good indicator that your home's air conditioning system really does need to be replaced. The typical central AC will use roughly 3,000 to 5,000 watts of electricity on hot days to offer cool air to your home for about nine hours. If your AC is using a lot more than that, it can mean the system is outdated and no longer operating as efficiently as it should. Just opting to make the upgrade can actually save you a lot of money on energy usage over the long term. 

You could have an AC that is hard to service because it is so old. 

In some cases, an HVAC contractor will make a recommendation to replace a home's air conditioner if the system is really old. AC manufacturing companies can come and go just like any other business. While many modern systems are built similarly and have some interchanging parts, a really old AC may have parts that are practically impossible to source. To learn more, contact a technician about getting an air conditioning replacement.