Tips When Dealing With Pooling Water Around The Furnace

The furnace in your residential property can break down in a lot of ways. One of the more troubling is when water starts pooling around it. If your furnace is currently dealing with this issue, respond in the following ways. 

Respond Quickly

It probably goes without saying, but it's really important to respond quickly when you see water pooling around the furnace. If you neglect this issue and months go by, what will probably happen is massive amounts of water damage. You can keep this problem from escalating by being responsive as a homeowner. 

Contact a licensed furnace repair contractor to further inspect your furnace and surrounding elements. They can get the water to stop coming out and dry areas that are wet, which is key for minimizing damage and preventing mold from occurring in your home.

Check For a Clogged Filter

If you don't change out your furnace's air filter, then what can happen is airflow restriction. This may cause water to leak around the furnace coil, which can eventually get around the furnace unit and cause damage if you don't respond appropriately.

In this case, take the clogged filter out and replace it with something of the same size. Get used to checking this filter often to make sure it's not too dirty. These simple steps can help you effectively address pooling water on your own and keep your furnace working perfectly. 

Rent a Wet-Dry Vacuum

If a lot of water has collected around your furnace, then you'll need something more than a traditional towel. A wet-dry vacuum is particularly helpful to get because it can help you dry out wet areas before damage happens.

You can rent this vacuum out for a couple of days and save money compared to buying one outright. Set it around the furnace where the water pooled and leave it going throughout the day. If you respond quickly, you should be able to dry the surrounding area enough to where severe and costly repairs are not required. After everything is dry, you can have a contractor service your furnace.

During the wintertime, the furnace is the go-to appliance in your household. It may sometimes leak and cause pooling water, but you can minimize damage by remaining calm and responding the right way. Heater repair contractors can help you troubleshoot the issue too so that you have nothing to worry about at all.