Having a Christmas Party? Why You Should Have Your Drains Cleaned

There is a lot of maintenance that you should do to your home on a regular basis. One of these things is having your drains cleaned. It is especially important that you do this if you are having a Christmas party. Below are three reasons why so you can make an appointment to have this done.

Have Better Water Flow

If you do not have your drains cleaned there will be build up inside of them, as well as the plumbing pipes over time. If this happens you will notice you will not have good water flow. When you run water in your sink it should drain quickly. If your drains are dirty, then the water will drain very slowly. The same thing goes for your bathtub after taking a bath or a shower. 

Consider how many people will be using your bathroom while they are at your Christmas party. This extra water will add to the problem and make things even worse. If the buildup is also in the plumbing pipes the pipes would have a big problem trying to handle all the water coming through. Also, with the COVID virus, people will likely wash their hands much more than normal.

Have a Clean Smelling Home

If your drains are dirty and have a lot of buildup you will have odors coming out of the drains. If someone uses your bathroom from your party, they will smell this odor. They will not know where it is coming from so they may think you do not clean your home well. 

There may be a musty smell coming from the drain which is a sign of bad buildup and even mold. If you smell something much worse, like rotten eggs, then this means there is a much deeper problem with your pipes, so you need to contact a plumber. 

Prevent Sewer Flies

One thing that can happen if you have dirty drains is you could get sewer flies, which are also called drain flies. These flies are very small, black, and have fuzzy bodies. You will see these insects near your drains, but they will also fly out of the drain and be in your bathroom. The last thing you want to have happen is for your guests to see these insects when they use your restroom.

You can pour hot, boiling water down the drain to kill the sewer flies that are currently there. This will not clean your drains properly, however, and more sewer flies will come back. If you have your drains professionally cleaned, then the flies will be completely gone and will not come back.

Contact a drain cleaning service to clean your drains for you. This service can also give you many tips on keeping your drains clean longer.