Home Heating System Trouble Signs You Shouldn'T Disregard

As a homeowner, you should be able to tell when something's wrong with your heating system. If not detected and resolved early enough, heating problems can result in heating failure, leaving your family at the mercy of winter's cold temperatures.

While the specific issues that may affect your residential heater will vary greatly depending on the type of unit you have, the warning signs of impending heating failure are quite similar across different types of heaters.

Here are some common signs you may have a malfunctioning heating system.

Your House Is Cold

Not getting any heat this winter? As temperatures start to plummet with the arrival of winter weather, you expect your heating system to keep your house warm and comfortable enough. If your house can't seem to get warm even when you turn the heat up, it is likely your heater is faulty.

While a malfunctioning heating unit might be one of the reasons why your house is cold, it is not the only culprit. Other factors, including a dirty air filter, faulty thermostat, inadequate insulation, and leaky ductwork can also make it difficult for your house to get as warm as you like. 

Your Heating Bills Have Spiked

Have you noticed a substantial increase in your domestic energy bills this heating season? While it is common for the cost of utilities to go up in winter due to the need for additional heating, substantially higher utility bills could be a tell-tale sign that your home's heating system isn't running at peak efficiency. This will make it difficult for you to save energy and money.

To determine and resolve the cause of the inefficiencies, you'll need to get your heating unit checked and repaired.

Your Heating System Makes Unusual Noises

A properly functioning heating system should produce little to no noise, depending on the type of system you have in your home. If you hear any weird noises coming from your heating unit, it is a good idea to have the issue investigated and resolved. Ignoring the noises in the hope that they will disappear without corrective action will do your heater more harm than good.

Undertaking preventative maintenance on your residential heating system is a great way to avert problems that may cause heating failure in your home. If you've seen the signs that your heating system needs to be repaired, don't hesitate to contact an HVAC contractor that serves your area for heating repair services.