Can Pests Cause a Problem for Your HVAC System?

Pests can sometimes get into your home's HVAC system. When they do, several issues can occur, including a decrease in the air quality. If you suspect that you have a pest problem in your HVAC system, here is what you need to know.

Why Are There Pests in Your HVAC System?

Pest infestations in the HVAC system are usually the result of poor maintenance. During a maintenance check, an HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect and clean the system. To prevent issues, he or she will take measures to ensure that there is not an opening for the pests to enter through.

Without the proper maintenance, not only will the air quality in your home suffer, but some of the components of the system can be damaged. The resulting damage could lead to a decreased value for your home and require the purchase of a new system.

What Can the HVAC Technician Do?

There are several steps the HVAC technician can take to resolve and prevent a pest problem. One of the steps is to seal the ducts in your system. Pests, such as cockroaches, routinely use the openings to get into the system and into your home.

The technician could also install vent and flue covers. The flue pipes are an entry point for the pests because they extend outwards since they are used to intake fresh air. There are a host of covers available, so consult with your technician to find the right one.

What Can You Do?

In addition to the steps that the technician is taking, you can also take a few steps of your own. For instance, you can clean the area around your condenser. The outside condenser is attractive to pests due to the warmth of the unit and the water that sometimes pools around it. Cleaning the area around lowers the chances of pests moving in the area surrounding the condenser.

Another way to keep pests out is to place bug repellents near the outside unit. If you have pets, pay close attention to the repellent you are using. Talk to your pest control technician to find the safest possible repellent option for your home.

Depending on your home and HVAC system, there might be additional moves you can make to keep pests away. Talk to your HVAC technician to learn which options would be best. You can also work out a maintenance schedule to lower the likelihood that a pest problem will occur again.

If you have questions, talk to a professional, such as the technicians at Classic Air and Heating.