6 Ways To Save On Heating And Air Conditioning Costs

When looking for ways to cut down on household expenses, don’t overlook your HVAC system. Heating and cooling costs are responsible for a large chunk of your energy bill each month, with heating in particular accounting for more than 40% of the average American’s energy consumption. Luckily, by being proactive about maintenance and making a few simple tweaks, you can majorly cut down on your HVAC costs year-round. Here are six great ways to do this:

9 Things You Should Know About Keeping Cool In Arizona

Air conditioning in the desert southwest is not a luxury item, but rather a much needed necessity. When the heat soars to 110 degrees or more, keeping cool can be a life or death situation. Believe it or not, people survived in the Phoenix area without air conditioning for years, but the advent of the modern AC unit saw the population triple instantly. In fact, Phoenix is officially the hottest city in the United States, yet is still the 6th largest for population.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Cycling On And Off So Often?

A central air conditioning system that is working properly should cycle on and off a few times per hour. If your system is cycling every few minutes (or even every few seconds), something is wrong. When your air conditioner short cycles, it wastes energy – and it usually doesn’t cool your home adequately, either. Follow this guide to get to the bottom of the problem. The unit may be iced over.

5 Smart Reasons To Buy A Tankless Water Heater

If you’re ready for a new hot water heater, you need to look at your tankless options. Tankless hot water heaters have been standard in European countries for the past few decades, but they are still being introduced to homes in the United States. See why so many families are going tankless. Here are the benefits of tankless water heaters. Save Space As you know, standard hot water heaters take up a lot of room in your utility closet.