Diagnosing A Failing Blower Motor

Your furnace’s blower is responsible for moving warm air to each room in your house. Without this fan, the heat generated by your furnace would mostly remain near the heat exchanger, or never be transferred to your home’s air at all. When a blower begins to fail, you may notice reduced airflow from your vents or no airflow at all. If your home is cold despite a furnace that seems to be running, then your blower motor is a solid culprit.

What To Know When Your Furnace Is Making Odd Sounds

It’s important that you take steps to ensure your furnace remains functional during the upcoming winter. That’s why you want to be on the lookout for signs that the unit could need a professional to inspect or repair it. Here are some furnace sounds that should be a red flag that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Rattling A common reason for rattling with your HVAC system is due to loose ductwork.

What's Wrong With Your Plumbing?

Your home’s plumbing is important to you. If you are having issues with your current plumbing, then you want to have your home’s problems addressed. Luckily, you don’t have to be a plumber to figure out if there is something wrong with your water or pipes. If you have a plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to call your HVAC or plumbing service. Otherwise, you can use this guide to help you determine what is wrong with your plumbing so you can find relief and get the servicing your home needs.

Protecting A Vacant Home From Water Damage? Smart Advice For Property Owners

An unexpected residential plumbing problem is an experience that every homeowner fears. When a pipe breaks or a water heater begins to leak in a vacant home, the damage can be extensive before the property owner is even aware that a problem exists.  If you own a home that is vacant for long periods of time, such as one that is used for a vacation or second home or an investment property that is waiting to be renovated or resold, here is some smart advice to help you prevent damage from a plumbing problem that might occur in your absence.

How To Know If Your Heating Issue Is An Emergency?

It is incredibly important to make sure that you are well aware of whether the heating problem that you are experiencing is one that would be considered an emergency. This way, you will know whether you need to call a contractor for emergency heating repair. To help you spot such problems, you will want to continue reading. There Are Sparks Coming From The Furnace If you happen to walk by the furnace and notice that there are some sparks coming out of it, you will want to shut the system down and call for emergency HVAC services.

AC Installation: Major Cost Factors

Numerous factors affect the cost of air conditioner (AC) installation, but some of these factors have more effect than others. Below are some of the major factors that will determine how much you pay to install a new AC. Type There are various types of ACs. You can buy a central AC for the whole house, a window AC for one room, or even a portable AC that you can carry with you wherever you go.

When Your HVAC Keeps Picking Up Kitchen Odors and Spreading Them Throughout the House

It’s not unusual for odors from cooking to spread outside of the kitchen. Many people close up bedrooms and the like so that those garlic and broccoli odors from lunch won’t end up haunting people as they try to sleep. However, if you’re still finding strong odors in faraway rooms whose doors were closed, it’s possible that the odors are spreading through the HVAC system. They can wend their way through open ducts and also be pushed along by powerful air conditioning or heating systems.

3 Easy Ways To Maintain A Furnace And Prevent Costly Heating Repairs

If you own a home, it’s important that you put special emphasis on the furnace during the colder months. When you maintain it in the following ways, you won’t have to worry as much about heating repairs.  Change Out a Dirty Air Filter  When the air filter gets dirty in your home, your furnace could get dirty as well. This makes it work harder and at some point, it could overheat.

How Climate And Space Play Into Getting A New Air Conditioner

There are many factors that go into selecting a new air conditioner for your home. Since this appliance plays such a crucial role in making your home comfortable, you want to make a good choice on an appliance that can last well over a decade. Here is what to consider when thinking about your home’s climate and the space it’s going into. Climate Considerations Many people assume that a hot climate will require a more powerful air conditioner.

Is Your Furnace Aggravating Your Allergies?

Are you one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies? From a runny nose to itchy and watery eyes, your symptoms are all over the place. One place where you expect to find a sense of relief is your home. However, an issue with the furnace could be aggravating your allergies more than helping. Is this an issue you deal with in your home? Learn about some of the allergy-aggravating issues that are common with a furnace.