AC Installation: Major Cost Factors

Numerous factors affect the cost of air conditioner (AC) installation, but some of these factors have more effect than others. Below are some of the major factors that will determine how much you pay to install a new AC.


There are various types of ACs. You can buy a central AC for the whole house, a window AC for one room, or even a portable AC that you can carry with you wherever you go. The type of AC determines how much it costs. For example, central ACs are usually more expensive than portable ACs. Your cooling needs determine which type of AC suits you best.


Just like other products, ACs also come in different brands with some brands being more popular than others. The brands also differ in prices even if they offer similar cooling. According to, there are about 150 brands of ACs in the US, but they all come from about six major manufacturers. Not only that, but these manufacturers source their products from a few common suppliers. As such, the brand may determine the cost, but the brand should not be such a big deal when choosing an AC.


Different ACs come with different cooling capacities. If you have a big home with multiple rooms, you need an AC with a higher cooling capacity than someone who lives in a small house would. The cooling capacity of an AC also determines its costs with higher cooling capacity commanding high prices.


Highly efficient ACs are also costlier than low-efficiency ACs. The efficiency of an AC is determined by how much of its input energy it uses to cool the house. An efficient AC uses a little energy to cool the same house that an inefficient AC would require more energy to cool. Thus, you will be wasting energy (and money in terms of high utility bills) if you install an inefficient AC.


The ductworks are the channels through which air circulates to cool different parts of the house. The ductworks also carry air to and from the AC. However, some ACs don't require ductwork. The installation of ductworks is not included in standard AC installation quotes. Thus, you need to spend extra to have the contractor design and install ductworks if you need them.


Lastly, your choice of installer also determines your overall AC installation. As you would expect, big and experienced contractors tend to cost more than relatively inexperienced installers. Fortunately, the labor cost is something you can negotiate on with the installer.  

Reach out to an air conditioning installation company to learn more.