How To Nail The Perfect Air Conditioner Install

Dealing with the air conditioning installation process is a job that needs to be handled competently. Whether you are looking to take on the project as a DIY effort or wish have it handled by an HVAC company, you should keep these 5 issues in mind.


You'll usually want a configuration that has the least impact on your electric bills possible. There are a number of efficient choices on the market today, including solar-powered A/C units. You can also look at a setup that has a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.


The placement of both the indoor and outdoor elements of an air conditioning system is critical to getting the most out of it. You want the indoor side of the unit to be in a place where it won't be obstructed by any pipes, and you should also try to keep it away from any doors to the outside that might cause it to work harder. On the outdoor side of the equation, you want to have your A/C setup away from the sun and pointed away from the house, if possible.

Electric Supply

Having a supply of electricity that's adequate and safe is critical. Prior to doing an air conditioning installation, you should compare your unit's demands against the available electrical supply. An inadequate install can lead to damage to both your electrical system and the A/C unit, so don't be afraid to work with an HVAC company if you have doubts about your capacity to properly wire everything up.


Many systems require piping to be added to pull water away from the unit. This is copper piping, so do not use any type of pipe bender to form it, otherwise, you may end up with breaks and leaks. When attaching the pipe, putting a tiny drop of oil on the facing will make the process go more smoothly. On very humid days, systems can extract as much as four pints of water from the air.


In order to maintain peak efficiency following an air conditioning installation effort, you'll want to add weatherproofing. If the unit is one that's never going to be removed, use caulk to achieve the tightest possible seal. When using a window-mounted system for seasonal purposes, such as many people in northern regions do, accurately measure out weather stripping to ensure a tight seal without making the removal process harder.

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