Three Signs That Prompt An Emergency AC Repair

Air conditioning systems are gaining popularity worldwide due to their importance in keeping the internal environment at the desired temperature. Whether you are coming home to a summer heat wave or a chilled house, air conditioning systems are purposely used to circulate and filter clean air, remove pollutants, and reduce humidity, among others. Thus, they should not be taken for granted. However, the bad news is the AC unit may develop specific issues over time due to lack of maintenance. Thus, if these problems persist and are ignored, they may lead to an emergency AC repair. Read on to learn three warning signs your AC is trying to tell you it needs repair or maintenance.  

Unusual Noises

It does not take a professional to know that an air conditioning system emitting weird noises is an issue with its operation. For instance, if there is a banging noise, it may indicate a faulty compressor. Rattling noise while the AC is on means some parts in the compressor are unfastened and loose. In other instances, you may hear screeching noises resulting from a damaged blower fan motor. Ultimately all these noises indicate you need to call in an emergency AC repair technician to assist in assessing the main problem and fixing it. 

Leaking Refrigerant

A common issue with air conditioners, especially during the summer heat, is when the cooling and refrigerant start leaking. These refrigerants are harmful to the environment and, most of all, to the human inhabitants living in a home with a broken-down air-conditioning system. Unfortunately, when this occurs, you may notice some temperature differences in the rest of the house. It can be challenging to isolate the exact source of the leak because it may originate from different places in the AC unit. Thus, because you need to look into the unit immediately, consider calling an emergency AC repair specialist to find and fix the leak. 

Cooling Inefficiency

Suppose it is the summertime and your AC unit has stopped circulating cool air throughout your home; it can become uncomfortable and unsafe due to the constant heat wave. When this happens, a significant issue is affecting your AC unit. For instance, if your AC is not cooling, it may result from a leaking refrigerant, a freezing evaporator coil, or a clogged condenser coil, among other underlying serious issues. Thus, to prevent further damage, you may need to call an emergency AC repair professional as soon as possible to handle and fix the problems.

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