Take These Steps To Resolve The Problem When Your AC Fan Stops Working

The function of the fan in your AC unit is to blow the air in a specified direction within the unit. In this case, it pushes the conditioned and cooled air into the ducts for distribution into different rooms in the home. Therefore, if your AC fan stops working, it might have a domino effect that will culminate in a total system breakdown. Here are some steps experts recommend to resolve a situation where the fan malfunctions or fails. 

Check the Electrical Connections

No matter how hard you attempt to run your AC unit, a motor that isn't getting power will not start. If this is the case, a tripped circuit breaker is usually to blame. Note that this may occur automatically if there is a problem with the unit or during a power surge. Alternatively, you could have disconnected the system's circuit during the cold months and then forgotten to reconnect it. That said, a more serious electrical issue may exist if the AC unit repeatedly triggers the breaker. In such a case, you should let an AC technician handle electrical issues, as small mistakes can cause extensive system damage.

Check for Dirty Filters

If your air conditioner's filter is dirty or has a lot of dust and debris, it may stop the fan from working. This is because reduced airflow due to a dirty filter forces the air conditioner's fan motor to exert more energy each time it has to cool the air in your home. Further, the motor could overwork and burn out as a result. Power surges can also cause the fuse box to trip, which shuts off the system. So, check to see if it's time to swap the filter to restore proper airflow and fan function.

Check for a Dead Motor

Like any other machine, AC motors experience normal wear and tear from constant operation, especially during the warmer months. So, if your old AC unit suddenly stops working after years of use, it could be due to a dead fan motor. This is especially common when the regulator is left permanently in the fan position. Although a steady wind may be pleasant, remember that leaving the fan on all day will put extra strain on the motor, which will eventually give out. Note that you will need to call an AC repair expert to fix a dead motor to restore your air conditioner's fan operation.

These are the common reasons why your fan might malfunction. It is best to call a competent AC repair technician to handle the malfunction and they will let you know if the problem will be easy to solve or if you have to replace the unit altogether.

Contact a local AC repair service to learn more.