4 Reasons to Avoid Making Furnace Repairs Without Professional Help

The purpose of your furnace is to blow warm air around your home to sustain comfort when there’s a drop in outside temperature. When your furnace malfunctions, it’s best to seek the help of a qualified residential heating system repair expert. You should never perform repairs on your own, especially if you lack specialized tools or professional training. Here are a few reasons why this isn’t a good idea. 1. You may cause fires

What Gets Checked During A Residential HVAC Inspection?

Looking to buy an older house? One of the key items to include in your due diligence checklist is getting a complete HVAC inspection. Due to years of use, the HVAC systems in older homes can have problems that may require major repairs or a complete replacement of the existing HVAC equipment. Getting an HVAC inspection allows you to assess the general health of the home’s HVAC components, including heating and air conditioning.

4 Crucial Reasons To Have An Energy Audit Performed On Your Home

You don’t have to be a professional to know that the cost of electricity is on the rise. These increases affect everyone, and it’s essential to find ways to cope with them. One way to do this is to have a home energy audit performed. Read on to know why. To Lower Your Bills An energy audit can help lower your power bills. It will identify the areas where you can save money.

A Guide To Residential Boiler System Installation Service

As a homeowner, you have to tackle all of the essentials when it comes to your HVAC needs. Since the boiler industry is so vast, you should start looking into some pros that can help you whenever you need residential boiler installation. In this article, you will learn more about residential boilers, how they’re helpful, and what you can do to get the work done by a professional. What are residential boilers and how are they helpful to your household?

Warning Signs Your Residential Air Conditioner May Be Going Out

Your AC is an essential system that improves your home’s comfort levels and keeps your loved ones healthy and safe during summer. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that your residential air conditioning system is functioning properly to prevent heat fatigue, discomfort, dry skin, and other summer-related problems. Do not wait until your air conditioning unit breaks down to call a professional to inspect it. If your air conditioner’s performance declines or you suspect that it may be going out, it’s advisable to book an appointment with an experienced repair technician.

3 Ways Hot Climates Impact Your Air Conditioner

If you live in a hot climate, you probably rely on your air conditioner more than most. Due to this reliance, a significant amount of strain may be placed on an air conditioning system. Extreme temperatures can cause premature wear on critical parts, increased operating costs, and potentially expensive failures. Maintaining an air conditioner under these conditions means understanding a bit about how temperature can affect these systems. Keep reading to discover three ways that a hot climate can impact your AC system and what you can do to minimize these effects.

How To Get Furnace Repairs And Installations

Furnace repairs and installations are among the most important things that you will have to consider when you’re trying to keep some heat circulating in your home. By purchasing a quality furnace and handling all of the repair work it needs, you won’t have to stay cold whenever the temperatures lower outside. Beat the freeze by following the tips in this article. How do you know you need a new furnace?

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

The majority of homeowners are often confused about whether they should repair their heating system or replace it altogether. There’s certainly no easy answer when it comes to this since no two furnace systems are the same. However, there are ways through which you can determine whether you need furnace repair services or a full system replacement.  Efficiency is important when it comes to properly heating your home. Therefore, you should contact an HVAC technician to instruct you on how best you can achieve this.

Heating System Repairs To End Winter And Get Ready For Spring

As winter comes to an end, your heating system has been straining for months to keep your home warm. This may mean that there are some repairs that need to be done. You want to make sure to take care of these repairs before the problems get worse. The following heating system repairs will help you get ready for spring. Dealing with Blower Fan Problems The blower fan is one of the heating problems you may have to deal with before turning your system off.

Four Signs You Need A Heating Service To Come To Your Home

When you need your heater to operate well, you can’t afford to have the unit break down on you. Having a heating service company come to your home and make necessary repairs as you need them is far better than having the same company come out to replace or fix your entire heating system. One thing that works in your favor is this: your heating system will give you signs that it’s not working well when repairs are necessary.

How A Furnace Can Leak Carbon Monoxide

As a homeowner, you’re likely well aware of the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector in your home. It helps protect you from a colorless and odorless gas that can be quite fatal to those that are in your home. However, a common cause for carbon monoxide leaks is furnaces that are using gas to heat your home. Here is what you need to know about how a furnace can leak carbon monoxide.

Having a Christmas Party? Why You Should Have Your Drains Cleaned

There is a lot of maintenance that you should do to your home on a regular basis. One of these things is having your drains cleaned. It is especially important that you do this if you are having a Christmas party. Below are three reasons why so you can make an appointment to have this done. Have Better Water Flow If you do not have your drains cleaned there will be build up inside of them, as well as the plumbing pipes over time.

Do You Have Low Water Pressure In Your Entire Home? Here Are 3 Common Causes And How You Can Fix Them

Low water pressure won’t damage your home’s plumbing like high water pressure will, but it’s an annoyance to live with. When a single plumbing fixture has low water pressure, it’s usually a problem within a fixture itself—for example, a clogged valve or supply line. However, If your whole home has low water pressure it can be a sign of a problem with your home’s plumbing. To learn more about what can cause your whole home to have low water pressure and how you can fix it, read on.

Is Your Home Too Warm? A Furnace Issue Could Be To Blame

When you turn your furnace on, you expect the system to warm your home. What you do not expect is for the furnace to make your home feel like a sweatbox. When a furnace makes your home feel warmer than it should, it is a sign of a problem. Learn about the mishaps that could be taking place to cause this issue in your home. Thermostat Malfunctions One of the first places to look when your home feels warmer than normal is the thermostat.

Top Mistakes You Might Be Making When Performing Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning System

If you are a homeowner, then you probably aren’t new to the idea of performing maintenance on your air conditioning system. However, there is a chance that you might be making some mistakes when it comes to taking care of your unit. These are some of the mistakes that you might be making and that you will want to avoid in the future if you want to take care of your air conditioning unit in the best way possible.

Tips When Dealing With Pooling Water Around The Furnace

The furnace in your residential property can break down in a lot of ways. One of the more troubling is when water starts pooling around it. If your furnace is currently dealing with this issue, respond in the following ways.  Respond Quickly It probably goes without saying, but it’s really important to respond quickly when you see water pooling around the furnace. If you neglect this issue and months go by, what will probably happen is massive amounts of water damage.

Three Steps To Purchasing A New AC

It is a hundred degrees outside and all you want is to walk into your nice cool home, but instead, you realize that your AC has stopped working. Purchasing a new unit can be a frustrating experience, especially when you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. While it is true that you get what you pay for when it comes to air conditioners, there are ways to make sure you are not overpaying for a unit and your needs are met.

Maximizing Your Home Air Conditioner's Performance And Efficiency

Air conditioner maintenance and care can be vital if you are hoping to efficiently regulate the temperature of your home. While an air conditioning system will be able to make the process of cooling the home’s interior easy, it can experience some severe performance and reliability issues if a homeowner neglects to provide basic care for it. Avoid Setting The Temperature Too Low For The System Setting the temperature too low on the air conditioning unit can be extremely damaging to it.

Why Should You Replace Your Home's AC If It Still Works?

You have an HVAC technician come to your home for a thorough assessment of your air conditioning system, and they recommend that you get the system replaced. If your air conditioner is still cooling the house, you may be curious as to why a technician would make this professional recommendation. In all truth, there can be a lot of reasons why a skilled technician may recommend that you opt for air conditioning replacement.

Has Your AC Sprung A Leak? How To Identify The Source Of The Problem

Warm temperatures have finally arrived. If you’re like many people, you’ve already turned your air conditioner on. If you didn’t have your AC serviced last summer, you might be noticing some problems right now. One of those problems could involve leaks. Unfortunately, a leaky air conditioner can cause a variety of troubles for your home. Those troubles can include mold and odors. If your air conditioner has a leak, you need to call for repairs right away.

Tips For Having Air Conditioning Repairs Done As A Pet Owner

When you think about air conditioning maintenance and repairs, you might think more about how they impact the human family members in your household. However, if you are a pet owner, you should remember these air conditioning repair tips, too. Your Pet Might Have Contributed to the Problem For one thing, depending on what is wrong with your air conditioning unit, there is a chance that your pet might have contributed to the problem.

3 Ways You Can Tell If Your AC System Is Leaking Refrigerant

The thought of going even a day without air conditioning can be frightening to anyone living in a desert climate. AC systems help keep homes cool and comfortable when outdoor temperatures become almost unbearable. The cooling process is made possible, in part, by the liquid refrigerant. Refrigerant assists in the transfer of heat that occurs inside your AC condenser unit. You shouldn’t have a problem as long as the refrigerant is contained within designated hoses and reservoirs in your AC unit.

3 Critical Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioning Functional Every Year

When was the last time you thought about your air conditioner? Have you given it any attention since last autumn? If you’re like a lot of people, you probably avoid thinking about the heat of summer once cool weather arrives. Unfortunately, this lack of attention can eventually result in your air conditioner ceasing to function prematurely. A minor overlooked flaw can quickly grow to be a serious issue if not found in time.

How To Talk Capably With A Technician About Air Conditioners

People in all trades have lots of jargon that can separate their professions from average folks, and those who work on air conditioners are no different. You don’t have to sound like a certified technician to talk with a pro, but it can be immensely helpful to understand the following 6 concepts. BTUs The British Thermal Unit is one of the most widely used units of measure in the business. In the air conditioning business, a BTU is a measure of cooling capacity.

Maximizing The Results From Your Furnace Replacement

The furnace is the core component of your home’s heating system. This can allow problems with the furnace to impact the entire home’s interior. As with the various other appliances that make life in your home more comfortable, the furnace will eventually have to be upgraded or replaced to account for wear and general aging. Ensure The Replacement Furnace Can Fit In The Area Homeowners will often want to upgrade to a larger furnace when they are making this investment in the home.

Why An Air Conditioner Freezes And The Repairs That Might Be Necessary To Get Your AC Working

Your air conditioner is able to cool your home because of a balance between cold refrigerant flowing through the lines and warm air from your home blowing over the coils. If either of these processes are disrupted, then your air conditioner could freeze over because the refrigerant in the lines gets too cold. It may seem odd for your AC to freeze when it’s hot outside, but a frozen air conditioner is a common problem, and it can often be prevented by keeping your AC coils and filter clean.

Diagnosing A Failing Blower Motor

Your furnace’s blower is responsible for moving warm air to each room in your house. Without this fan, the heat generated by your furnace would mostly remain near the heat exchanger, or never be transferred to your home’s air at all. When a blower begins to fail, you may notice reduced airflow from your vents or no airflow at all. If your home is cold despite a furnace that seems to be running, then your blower motor is a solid culprit.

What To Know When Your Furnace Is Making Odd Sounds

It’s important that you take steps to ensure your furnace remains functional during the upcoming winter. That’s why you want to be on the lookout for signs that the unit could need a professional to inspect or repair it. Here are some furnace sounds that should be a red flag that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Rattling A common reason for rattling with your HVAC system is due to loose ductwork.

What's Wrong With Your Plumbing?

Your home’s plumbing is important to you. If you are having issues with your current plumbing, then you want to have your home’s problems addressed. Luckily, you don’t have to be a plumber to figure out if there is something wrong with your water or pipes. If you have a plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to call your HVAC or plumbing service. Otherwise, you can use this guide to help you determine what is wrong with your plumbing so you can find relief and get the servicing your home needs.

Protecting A Vacant Home From Water Damage? Smart Advice For Property Owners

An unexpected residential plumbing problem is an experience that every homeowner fears. When a pipe breaks or a water heater begins to leak in a vacant home, the damage can be extensive before the property owner is even aware that a problem exists.  If you own a home that is vacant for long periods of time, such as one that is used for a vacation or second home or an investment property that is waiting to be renovated or resold, here is some smart advice to help you prevent damage from a plumbing problem that might occur in your absence.

How To Know If Your Heating Issue Is An Emergency?

It is incredibly important to make sure that you are well aware of whether the heating problem that you are experiencing is one that would be considered an emergency. This way, you will know whether you need to call a contractor for emergency heating repair. To help you spot such problems, you will want to continue reading. There Are Sparks Coming From The Furnace If you happen to walk by the furnace and notice that there are some sparks coming out of it, you will want to shut the system down and call for emergency HVAC services.

AC Installation: Major Cost Factors

Numerous factors affect the cost of air conditioner (AC) installation, but some of these factors have more effect than others. Below are some of the major factors that will determine how much you pay to install a new AC. Type There are various types of ACs. You can buy a central AC for the whole house, a window AC for one room, or even a portable AC that you can carry with you wherever you go.

When Your HVAC Keeps Picking Up Kitchen Odors and Spreading Them Throughout the House

It’s not unusual for odors from cooking to spread outside of the kitchen. Many people close up bedrooms and the like so that those garlic and broccoli odors from lunch won’t end up haunting people as they try to sleep. However, if you’re still finding strong odors in faraway rooms whose doors were closed, it’s possible that the odors are spreading through the HVAC system. They can wend their way through open ducts and also be pushed along by powerful air conditioning or heating systems.

3 Easy Ways To Maintain A Furnace And Prevent Costly Heating Repairs

If you own a home, it’s important that you put special emphasis on the furnace during the colder months. When you maintain it in the following ways, you won’t have to worry as much about heating repairs.  Change Out a Dirty Air Filter  When the air filter gets dirty in your home, your furnace could get dirty as well. This makes it work harder and at some point, it could overheat.

How Climate And Space Play Into Getting A New Air Conditioner

There are many factors that go into selecting a new air conditioner for your home. Since this appliance plays such a crucial role in making your home comfortable, you want to make a good choice on an appliance that can last well over a decade. Here is what to consider when thinking about your home’s climate and the space it’s going into. Climate Considerations Many people assume that a hot climate will require a more powerful air conditioner.

Is Your Furnace Aggravating Your Allergies?

Are you one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies? From a runny nose to itchy and watery eyes, your symptoms are all over the place. One place where you expect to find a sense of relief is your home. However, an issue with the furnace could be aggravating your allergies more than helping. Is this an issue you deal with in your home? Learn about some of the allergy-aggravating issues that are common with a furnace.

Two Things To Try When Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Keeps Freezing Up

After noticing that your house is warm, you may have inspected your air conditioning (AC) unit only to find ice formations on top of the unit. After you have turned off the unit and allowed the ice to melt, try one or more of the following to try to find a simple solution to possible problems that may be making your air conditioner freeze up. 1.  Check the Evaporator Coil for Dirt

Improper Maintenance Techniques to Avoid with Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Regular homeowners have a lot to contend with where their HVAC system is concerned, but as a commercial business owner, your system or systems can be massively sized and even more demanding of proper maintenance attention. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners make costly maintenance mistakes that could be avoided because they compromise the lifespan of their AC system.  Trusting a Regular Residential HVAC Technician without Commercial Knowledge When you have a commercial AC or HVAC system, you can’t just rely on any HVAC contractor for help; you truly do need someone with the skills and knowledge to maintain the larger system.

Have Your Furnace Cleaned To Prevent Malfunctions And High Power Bills

It’s a beneficial practice to have your furnace cleaned before the weather turns cold and you have to start using the heat every day. Cleaning plays an important role in how well your furnace works, and a clean furnace is less likely to break down. Here’s why a dirty furnace is harmful and what can be done to keep it clean and in good repair. Why You Don’t Want A Dirty Furnace

Your Guide To Home Air Conditioning Services

If you’re like most people, you know just how difficult it is to make it through an unbearable summer with stifling, muggy heat. It pays to look into help from a heating and cooling installer, in order to get professional assistance when you need it. By taking your HVAC work seriously, the household will be better for it and you won’t have to let your household get too hot when summertime arrives.

Four Reasons Your Air Conditioner Smells

Do you detect an unusual smell each time you turn your air conditioner on? If so, don’t pass the smell off as normal. When an A/C unit produces a smell, there is almost always an underlying concern causing the problem. Learn about some of the common causes of air conditioner odors, so that you can correct the problem.  Dirty Filter The filter on an A/C unit comes in contact with all sorts of substances, including certain odor-causing bacteria.

How To Nail The Perfect Air Conditioner Install

Dealing with the air conditioning installation process is a job that needs to be handled competently. Whether you are looking to take on the project as a DIY effort or wish have it handled by an HVAC company, you should keep these 5 issues in mind. Options You’ll usually want a configuration that has the least impact on your electric bills possible. There are a number of efficient choices on the market today, including solar-powered A/C units.

Is Your Furnace Acting Up? These Tips Will Help You Confirm Or Rule Out Thermostat Problems

The furnace has multiple parts that all need to operate efficiently if the furnace is to continue heating your house as usual. That is why you need to diagnose each of your heating system’s parts if it is not producing heat as usual. When it comes to the thermostat, here are the simple diagnostic measures to take: Confirm That It Is Switched To “Heat” In many cases, people think that their thermostat is malfunctioning while, in the real sense, it is not just properly set.

3 Things To Consider As Your Heater Gets Older

When it comes to your heating system, even the best will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. The average lifespan of your heating system will depend on the type of furnace used and how well it has been maintained. On average, most furnaces will last between 15 and 20 years before needing to be replaced. As your heating system ages, here are three things that you should be taking into consideration.

How To Shut Down Your Furnace

Homeowners spend a lot of money on HVAC. That is, heating and cooling can be among your most substantial utility bills. So, it is understandable to want to do whatever you can to reduce HVAC energy consumption. Of course, there’s always the option of investing in brand new appliances, like a new furnace or condenser unit. However, this is usually too expensive for most budgets. If you can’t afford to invest in a brand new, energy efficient furnace, you can still do your best to make your furnace more efficient.

3 Ways To Cut Back On The Drafts In Your Home

If your home is not warm enough during the winter time, it is most likely because you have too many cold drafts throughout your home. Little pockets of cold air can really cool your house down, no matter how long your run your heater. #1 Stop Drafts Around Electrical Boxes You may be surprised at all the cold air that comes in around your electrical outlets. Lots of cold air is able to seep in around your electrical outlets because most electrical outlets are not properly insulated.

3 Tips To Help Avoid DIY HVAC Repair Disasters That Could Cost You More

Sometimes, when there are repairs or maintenance that need to be done around your home, you are tempted to take on the problems on your own. Before you get started with HVAC repairs, you will want to know what needs to be done and what could possibly go wrong. Some of the repairs to your HVAC system should be completed by a professional HVAC technician. Here are some tips to help avoid DIY HVAC repair disasters that often end up costing you more:

How to Ensure Your Windows Don't Affect Your AC Efficiency

Your air conditioner’s energy efficiency depends on so many things, even your windows have a role to play. From the design to placement and material, different aspects of your window can affect the AC’s energy efficiency. Therefore, keep these things in mind to ensure that your windows don’t make your AC energy inefficient: Install Energy Efficient Windows If your windows aren’t energy efficient, then they are probably letting unconditioned air into your home and also letting heat pass through them.

How To Improve Home Air Quality In The Winter

In the winter, your home can become a veritable breeding ground for dust and other airborne contaminants, which can aggravate allergies and respiratory conditions. However, you don’t have to suffer through until the summer months roll around. Instead, there are a number of things that you can do with your home’s HVAC system to improve your winter air quality and increase your comfort levels within your home. Change the Air Filter

Adding A New Air Conditioner To Your Home

If you want to ensure that your home’s interior remains cool and comfortable when outdoor temperatures rise, you need access to a functional air conditioner. Most homeowners don’t have extensive experience when it comes to purchasing a new air conditioner unit, so determining which product is best suited to meet your cooling needs can be a challenge. Here are three tips that you can keep in mind when adding a new air conditioner to your home to ensure you end up with the best unit for your family:

Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems: Three Ways To Prevent Them

When it comes to kitchen plumbing problems, you may have experienced a slow drain or a leaking faucet. The key to keeping your kitchen plumbing in good working condition is to avoid some of the major problems that can plague homes. Here are a few ways you can prevent plumbing problems in your kitchen. Keep Your Drains Clear There are several ways you can prevent blockages in your drains. Sink stoppers can prevent food particles from getting into your kitchen pipes.

Five Ways To Save On Utility Costs In Your Home Office

Working from home can be delightful, but the utilities you use in your home office can really add up quickly. If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for heating, cooling, and electricity, here are some tips to help you save. Use a space heater. If you’re home all day but only working in the office, it seems silly to heat the entire home excessively. A better approach is to heat the home to about 60 or 62 degrees in the day, and then just use a space heater to keep your office a bit warmer if needed.

5 Ways To Prepare Your HVAC System For Summer Vacation

Let’s say you have an amazing summer vacation planned. The last thing you need to worry about is how your HVAC system will cope while you’re away from home. Preparing your HVAC system for the time you’ll spend on vacation can help prevent problems that could turn up while you’re out. It’ll also help reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system and even save energy in the process.

Can Pests Cause a Problem for Your HVAC System?

Pests can sometimes get into your home’s HVAC system. When they do, several issues can occur, including a decrease in the air quality. If you suspect that you have a pest problem in your HVAC system, here is what you need to know. Why Are There Pests in Your HVAC System? Pest infestations in the HVAC system are usually the result of poor maintenance. During a maintenance check, an HVAC technician will thoroughly inspect and clean the system.

Upgrading Your Cental Air System? Find Out How Powerful Of A Unit You Really Need

If your current central air conditioner is breaking down constantly or not blowing enough cool air to keep you comfortable in the warmer months, it’s time to look into purchasing a replacement. An air conditioner is a major expense, so it’s important to do ample research on the options available to you. The first choice you have to make is the most important: you have to determine how powerful of an air conditioning unit your home requires.

2 Frequently Encountered Electronic Air Cleaner Problems

Those who want to ensure the cleanest possible air inside of their home often choose to add an electronic air cleaner to their HVAC system. Such air cleaners utilize electrically charged plates to capture irritants such as pet dander, dust, and pollen, thus keeping it from entering your home’s air supply. Of course, over time, such cleaners have a tendency to develop certain problems all their own. To keep your air quality as high as possible, it is necessary that you recognize and attend to such issues as quickly as you can.

What Does The R22 Phase-Out Mean For Homeowners With Older Air Conditioners?

If you’ve ever read the label on your air conditioner or done any research into its operation, you may have heard of R22. This is the coolant that was used in air conditioners for many years. If you bought your air conditioner in the 1990s or early 2000s, there’s a good chance it runs R22. Unfortunately, this refrigerant is now being phased out in favor of R-401A, a newer refrigerant that’s better for the planet.

How Can AC Fin Cleaning Help With Cooling Efficiency

If you have recently had a central AC system installed in your home, then you may be concerned about the electrical costs of utilizing the new system. The good news is that technologies are constantly advancing to make sure the heating and air conditioning systems are as efficient as possible. While this is true, you still need to do your part to make sure the system runs like it should. Cleaning the fins properly is one way to do this.

3 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Whether your company is located in an office, storefront, or warehouse, having an air conditioning unit that works properly in the summer months is essential. Most places of business are much larger than the average home, so air conditioners have to work much harder to keep the area at a comfortable temperature. Thus, it is very important to keep your commercial air conditioning unit in good shape if you want to avoid expensive repairs or having to entirely replace the unit.

6 Pre-Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

With summer just around the corner, now is a good time to take stock in your air conditioner’s overall performance. It’s a good idea to perform a quick yet careful inspection of your air conditioner before you start using it this summer. The following shows many areas of your air conditioner you should check prior to use. Check the Outdoor Condenser Unit for Damage Perform a walkaround of your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit and check for any signs of damage.

3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Central Air Conditioner

The best way to avoid expensive air conditioner repairs is to perform the maintenance your system needs before any problems develop. There are many simple tasks that homeowners can do to keep their air conditioner running efficiently and to minimize the risk of a breakdown. Here are three steps you can take to extend the life of your air conditioner. Maintain Good Airflow Many homeowners will try to save on their energy bill by closing vent registers on rooms that don’t need to be cooled.

Which Is The Best Water Heater For A Tiny Home?

Not every tiny home owner chooses to provide access to hot water in their units. If you do, though, you have several different options available to you. The one you should purchase, however, depends on your needs and resources. Here’s more information about the different water heating options available to help you decide which one to get. Gas-Powered Water Heater One type of water heater that many tiny home owners seem to prefer is the gas-powered appliance.

6 Ways To Save On Heating And Air Conditioning Costs

When looking for ways to cut down on household expenses, don’t overlook your HVAC system. Heating and cooling costs are responsible for a large chunk of your energy bill each month, with heating in particular accounting for more than 40% of the average American’s energy consumption. Luckily, by being proactive about maintenance and making a few simple tweaks, you can majorly cut down on your HVAC costs year-round. Here are six great ways to do this:

9 Things You Should Know About Keeping Cool In Arizona

Air conditioning in the desert southwest is not a luxury item, but rather a much needed necessity. When the heat soars to 110 degrees or more, keeping cool can be a life or death situation. Believe it or not, people survived in the Phoenix area without air conditioning for years, but the advent of the modern AC unit saw the population triple instantly. In fact, Phoenix is officially the hottest city in the United States, yet is still the 6th largest for population.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Cycling On And Off So Often?

A central air conditioning system that is working properly should cycle on and off a few times per hour. If your system is cycling every few minutes (or even every few seconds), something is wrong. When your air conditioner short cycles, it wastes energy – and it usually doesn’t cool your home adequately, either. Follow this guide to get to the bottom of the problem. The unit may be iced over.

5 Smart Reasons To Buy A Tankless Water Heater

If you’re ready for a new hot water heater, you need to look at your tankless options. Tankless hot water heaters have been standard in European countries for the past few decades, but they are still being introduced to homes in the United States. See why so many families are going tankless. Here are the benefits of tankless water heaters. Save Space As you know, standard hot water heaters take up a lot of room in your utility closet.

Is A Heat Pump System Better Than A Furnace?

Although furnaces are probably the most common way people heat their homes, there are actually several different types of heating systems you can use to keep your home warm. One of those is a heat pump system. Heat pumps have several distinct advantages over furnaces. Whether or not it’s a better option for your home, however, depends on a few factors. Here’s more information about heat pump systems to help you determine if getting one is the right option for you.

MERV's The Word: Explaining Air Filter Performance

Most people don’t give much thought to their air conditioner’s filter as they replace it. After all, a filter is just a filter, right? As it turns out, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to your air filter and how it relates to your A/C system’s overall performance and energy efficiency. What MERV Has to Do with Your A/C When it comes to rating and comparing air filters, industry experts rely on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value system or “

How To Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Too Big For Your Home

When it comes to bank account balances and diamond rings, bigger is always better. However, the same can’t be said for your air conditioner. An oversized a/c unit may cool your home faster, but it can cause a host of other problems. Here’s how to tell if your air conditioner is too big for your house and what you can do to fix the problem. Why an Oversized Air Conditioner is a Bad Idea

How To Attach An Air Conditioning Manifold Gauge And Perform Basic Refrigerant Pressure Readings

If you suspect your home’s central air conditioning system isn’t operating properly, you can tell a lot simply by measuring the system’s refrigerant pressures. It may seem intimidating to perform your own system pressure tests, but it is actually quite straightforward to do so. Below is how to measure your central air conditioning system’s pressures to help know whether or not you should contact a technician for servicing: The equipment needed

5 Clever Ways To Save Your Air Conditioner & Reduce Your Energy Costs

Most people don’t think of the amount of work their air conditioners do until their air conditioners refuse to work anymore. The harder your air conditioner works, the faster it may need to be repaired. Fortunately, there are ways to prolong your air conditioning unit’s life expectancy so you’ll be able to avoid repairs and/or replacement in the future. Better yet, you’ll probably save money on your electricity bill if your air conditioning unit isn’t working so hard.

3-Step Guide For Naturally Cleaning Cigarette Smoke And Tar Out Of Your Home's Ductwork

If you or someone else in your household smokes cigarettes, you may notice the stale odor of the smoke and tar increases whenever your central HVAC unit is running. If you would like to naturally reduce the smell by removing the tar and nicotine buildup, use the three-step guide below. Step 1:  Soak The Vents With A Homemade Cleaner The first step in cleaning your ductwork is removing and soaking the air vents in a homemade cleaning solution.